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This is a simple tool but still handy. This will let you use a query to define a group of download or upload sessions that you want to delete and it can be run in batch.

Setting up a Tool Kit User for AX 2012 R3 for Retail can be a bit trying, espcially since the techNet article for this topic is based on 2012 FP and is no longer current.

Looking for an overview on modelstore promotion? This article outlines one way you can manage moving modelstores between environments.

Explore a basic model store promotion scenario and simple methodolgy for managing code promotion.

If you have a multi-domain and multi-company environment, managing security with company assignments can be difficult. This script is meant to help.

The database log is a great tool to capture changes on records. However, it can create a mess over time.

Logging in AX can be very helpful troubleshooting issues. However, it can slowly get unmanageable over time.