Step 9 - Setup VMs

Initial document on this topic can be found here.This step is really two steps so we'll break it down. The first steps of 1 and 2 are really just one step. as a call out, refer to this article on some of the pre-work that can be done to speed things up if you plan on doing more than one cluster. The first step 1 needs to be executed in the root directory for the installer. This will create some directories by VM name defined in the ConfigTemplate.xml. Each directory needs to be copied to each VM of the matching name. 

The second set of steps in the step need to be executed either through remoting, which I haven't had much luck with, or from that VM. I typically run this script 4 times with a reboot after each run just to make sure nothing gets missed. I haven't been prompted or been otherwise notified that a reboot is required depending on the node type so I run the following then reboot on a loop 4 times just to play it safe. Some script tests have given me false positives in the past.

.\Configure-PreReqs.ps1 -MSIFilePath <path of the MSIs>

After that, you can carry on as usual from the documentation from MSFT.