Job to Bulk Assign Organization Security

Assume you have one company already live on AX and things are well with them. Now you are bringing a second company online and adding them into the same environment as the first company. You will want to assign everyone from company 1 to only be allowed to see stuff for company 1; same with company 2. Below is a job that will bifurcate security by domain for each company.

We have Users in domain and domain. we want users to see ABC and AB1 companies stuff and users to see companies XYZ and XY1.



AX 2012 Database Log Cleanup Automation

The database log is a great tool to capture and troubleshoot odd or unexpected behaviors in AX. Depending on what and how much you log, there is a lot of helpful info that can be stored for review later. However, if you are collecting info, you either need someone to clean up data you no longer want or need or just let it sit and take up space which could slow down finding meaningful info on newer entries.

AX 2012 AIF and Batch Cleanup Automation

Logging for the AIF and Batch system is a great tool to identify what is going on and when things go wrong. Sometimes the errors could be a little more descriptive but all in all still useful. However, sometimes the tables that contain all of the logging and related info can, over time, become huge and add unnecessary work for your database server(s) and AOS(s). I wrote this batch executable class to help with mundane administrative tasks so a person doesn't have to do them. This will do the following:


AX 2012 Enum Dictionary For Reporting

I have run into several instances where I would like an easy way in SQL to convert an enum into its label equivalent. Converting some stuff by hand just to get meaningful data can be tedious; LedgerTransType is a good example. So, I created this simple solution. The attached project allows you to dump out to a table, called AAX_EnumDictionary, all of your enums so you can join then in on a report to get the labels. This is language independent and can be configured to write out only the enum labels for the system language, or all languages.

AX 2012 Starter Project

To help keep all code projects organized, I created this shared project. you simply load it into your environment. When you have a new project, duplicate this shell project, rename it and get to work. All elements have a place so you can view your work as a subset of what is in the AOT.

AX 2012 Financial Reporting, simplified

The changes from 2009 to 2012 as it related to financials are fairly comprehensive and those of us who have made that transition have at least one point in time said "I miss LedgerTrans". It was simple. All the stuff I could want was right there and easy to consume. I have found a way to get back to a (slightly) more simple financial reporting time with some views. Since these are views, we are sacrificing performance for ease of use but in SQL 2012 or 2014, you can make them indexed views so its not terrible; not great but still not terrible.

2009: PO Receipt and Invoice PPV

This Query is more or less an amalgamation of this post and this post. This uses the same methodology to collect data but presents it in a different way. The same assumptions, constraints and warning apply to this as with the other two referenced posts.

2012: PO Invoice PPV

This post is very similar to this post but is for 2012 with a few columns removed for simplicity sake.

2009: PO Invoice PPV

Below is a 2009 Query to aid in determining Invoice PPV. This recalculates PPV rather than read the LedgerTrans table for specific posting types or accounts. This query has several assumptions that should be called out. First, that all PPV accounts have an account category of "PPV". Next, that all misc. charges are actually PPV and are attached to the Vendor Invoice Transactions, not the journal. Finally, this only works for Items of type BOM and Item. This may not match the ledger exactly and may not work for all end users.

2012: PO Receipt PPV

The attached query seeks to recalculate PPV based on the current PO Line price and the receipt line price. This may not match the ledger exactly and may not work for all end users. This query is specific to one AX instance. That being said, the methodology may be useful to others and be useful in helping gain some insight into PPV.


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