How To

Interested in sorting your financial dimensions? there are two options to look at here.

A quick way to identify number sequences that may have an issue using Excel.

Standard AX doesn't give you much info into number sequence consumption. This article can help streamline finding issues.

Would you like to create your own custom favorites that will take you directly to your data? look here.

This covers how to implement the default dimensions view for your data and account structure(s).

This articles covers implementing your Ledger Transactions with Financial Dimensions view. This create a view similar to the table LedgerTrans from 2009.

Implement a series of views that creates a view that works similar to the LedgerTrans table in 2009.

Part of a series of views to create a view that is similar the the table LedgerTrans in 2009.

Creating a database to hold simple but powerful reporting shortcuts can help provide data on demand to executives and department heads when a unique or surprising issue arises.

The changes from 2009 to 2012 as it related to financials are fairly comprehensive and those of us who have made that transition have at least one point in time said "I miss LedgerTrans".