I'm excited to finally be releasing this. Many end users love the (Inventory) Site (Financial) Dimension link. This lets you tie a financial dimension to the inventory dimension site. Typically I have seen this used with both the inventory and financial dimension having the same name: Site. However, this new release will let you use that functionality if you would like or bypass it and move the link down a level in the inventory dimension hierarchy to Warehouse. The software can be downloaded from the link below as a model.

Logging in AX can be very helpful troubleshooting issues. However, it can slowly get unmanageable over time.

Looking for an easy to use list of enums to use in a "Classic" SSRS report? look no more.

To help keep all code projects organized, I created this shared project. you simply load it into your environment. When you have a new project, duplicate this shell project, rename it and get to work. All elements have a place so you can view your work as a subset of what is in the AOT.

Code sample on how to work with a regular expression.

You can use the following function to send an alert / notification in AX.

Code sample on how to convert a map to a string.

Code sample on how to get a GUID.

This is the code for a function to open and scan a file for rows that contain a delimiter.