Discover how to create a lookup manually when the control isn't bound to a datasource field.

This covers how to connect to an external ODBC data source and execute a stored procedure.

The UnitConvert table has the method for doing unit conversions on the fly.

If you are writing files out of AX for some reason, it would be a good idea to use a timestamp mechanism of some sort. This example goes over how to do that.

This covers how to format a date and time to get it into a particular format. In this instance, we are formatting it for use on a report.

You can capture lines from the infolog to use elsewhere if you so desire. This is a brief example of how to do it.

In 2009, The InventOnHand class can tell you a lot about what is currently on hand by inventory dimension. This is a brief example of how to use it.

This covers how to call X++ in an SSRS report in a 2009 environment.