AX 2009

Building on a previous article, here we build out the  "create" operation and the service.

Building on a previous article, this is where we build our query.

Creating a simple AIF service in AX 2009 is a whole lot more simple than one would think. Here we define our dataset.

Here's a code sample for an example batch class. This contains some of the common methods that one would override when creating something you would want to be able to run in batch.

A code sample showing how to post a receipts list for a transfer order in X++ for 2009.

Here's a code sample showing how to post a Transfer Order pick list in X++ in 2009.

Getting data through ODBC is fairly easy but updating it can be a little tricky. Here we will cover how to update data through ODBC.

Discover how to create a lookup manually when the control isn't bound to a datasource field.

This covers how to connect to an external ODBC data source and execute a stored procedure.