AX 2012

Creating a database to hold simple but powerful reporting shortcuts can help provide data on demand to executives and department heads when a unique or surprising issue arises.

A view that shows active prices by product and/or variant.

A view that gives a list of all financial dimensions plus all the usage and hierarchy info behind that entity.

The changes from 2009 to 2012 as it related to financials are fairly comprehensive and those of us who have made that transition have at least one point in time said "I miss LedgerTrans".

A sample query to provide additional insight into PO Invoice PPV in 2012.

A sample query to provide additional insight into PO Receipt PPV in 2012.

Code sample on how to work with a regular expression.

You can use the following function to send an alert / notification in AX.

Code sample on how to convert a map to a string.