Dynamics 365

using Git Rather than TFVC is easy!

Let's look at the Azure DevOps Merge Template helper.

How to use the Purchase Order Line Maintenance Screen

Getting started with Git and D365F&O is easier than you think.


Azure DevOps TFVC have some policies that help prevent issues.

Getting started in Dynamics 365 For Finance and Operations as a Developer or Tech Lead can be challenging.

Have you heard of D365FO.Tools? Let's take a look.

Upgrading tables and EDTs from 2012 is a little different than everything else.

Related to this post, we're going to take a closer look at classes ( and jobs ) and go over some of the common scenarios for code upgrade. The LCS Code upgrade tool will do its best to intelligently upgrade and convert your code but it will need your help a lot of the time. First, the tool is saving you tons of re-work. While it may get it wrong some of the time, its still doing lots of work. You will still need a 2012 instance with the code base available for reference.