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There are several different ways to create records using X++. First, the most common will be to use a record buffer. By far and away the most common but we're in how we're inserting data in X++. I'd list the ways of inserting data in X++ as follows:

Let's look at the Azure DevOps Merge Template helper.

Have you heard of D365FO.Tools? Let's take a look.

Are you getting the following error when exporting to excel from Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations: Local Business Data?

Related to this post, we'll go over how set an LBD instance in to and out of maintenance mode. This can be done from the desktop of any AOS in the cluster. Below are examples of what is required. The paths in your instance will be different and it will be different for every deployment. To get the values, open task manager, click on the details tab, find AXService.exe, right click then go to "Open File Location". Use that to replace all of the paths in the examples below to get a command that will work in your specific environments.

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LBD has been around for more than a year now. Is it time to replace your servicing certificate?

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