AX 2012

Inventory Dimensions get created for all product, storage and tracking dimensions used but do we need to keep them around forever? Let's review.

Do you use the inventory site dimension link? Let's review it's cleanup routine.

Can we save space and improve performance by cleaning up our on hand tallies? Let's review.

We can sum up inventory by financial dimension to save some space. Let's review.

As you settle inventory, the system will create records for each transactions. Let's look at cleaning things up!

Calculating costs can create lots of records. Over time, those can take up a fair amount of space. Let's clean them up!

Posted Inventory Journals hang around and can take up a fair amount of space if pruned. Let's take a look.

Warehouse churn can create lots of data in location load table. Let's clean it up.

Let's look at the Azure DevOps Merge Template helper.